Innovative Systems Groups Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Graduates in  Raleigh NC

Cybersecurity is an Externality of our Apprenticeship Program

The ISG Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (ISG-CAP) is a 2 year apprenticeship that combines a foundation in cyber-education with certifications, training, mentorship, and experience to develop aspiring individuals into highly functional cybersecurity professionals. It is registered both Nationally by the Federal Department of Labor as well as the North Carolina Department of Labor.

There is a rigorous screening process that takes place prior to your acceptance into the program. We are looking for a specific set of cognitive and non-cognitive skills that we we've found in high performing cyber professionals. Our research has shown that individuals that posses these attributes have a better chance at becoming successful.

Many of these attributes are found in successful military veterans. This does not mean that non-veterans are excluded. We realize some non-veterans have the attributes we are looking for as well. Once qualified, we immerse trainees into training course where we train them in a fast and efficient manner using virtual simulation training them in real world situations..

Once trained and their skills validated, we begin interviewing for positions working with our clients as an apprentice. Those who are accepted into our 2-year Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program are provided with advanced training while they gain valuable experience.

Apprentices start at a competitive wage that is increased as their skills level increases. Once the apprenticeship is completed and all of the requirements are met, the apprentice will receive their Journeymen credentials from both the State of NC and the Federal Department of Labor.