Our Apprenticeship Program combines real-world experience with classroom learning to develop a highly-skilled cybersecurity workforce.

To meet the growing need for an experienced and highly-skilled cybersecurity workforce ISG launched our Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (CAP) in 2016. This 3-phase program provides talented individuals with validated technical skills access to subject matter experts, training in virtual environments and hands on experience dealing with real-world cybersecurity issues. This enables us to bring them up to speed in a fast and efficient manner and offer our clients a new generation of cyber talent uniquely suited to meet their specific needs.

Program Description

ISG-CAP is a fast and efficient way to provide industry-focused Education, Training and Experience to individuals that have the drive, desire and motivation to be one of the best. We begin by looking for applicants that have the proper aptitude and drive. We then develop a plan that connects our client’s needs with your professional aspirations. The industry has a need for professionals that have mid to senior level skills. Our goal is to advance our apprentices skills to Mid and senior level in 2 years. The process of Education, Training, Mentorship and Experience has proven that this process has a very high success rate. A recent graduate of ISG-CAP completed the program and became the Senior IT Auditor for a 31 Billion dollar US based IT firm.

  • Phase I provides you with the educational foundation validated by industry recognized certifications in Security+ and/or CCNA Security.

  • Phase II leverages your education to train you to perform real world tasks in an environment that simulates the world you will have to operate in.

  • Phase III you will be employed and assigned to a client. Working with a mentor you will be assigned to tasks that are designed to develop and expand your skills.

ISG Cyber security in Raleigh

2018 Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Graduates

The third phase provides up to 24 months of apprentice experience along with individually tailored academic goals. Overall, the CAP program is an education and training program that identifies, educates, certifies and delivers a competent, confident information assurance professional able to deliver notable value to employers.

ISG Cybersecurity Affiliate Program

We are looking for strategic partners that recognize the value of Cybersecurity in the growth and safety of their business. We have the ability to support your efforts by providing student-trainees the skills for: Vulnerability Assessments, Risk Assessments, Penetration Testing, Disaster Planning, Firewall Monitoring, and other skill sets.

As part of the ISG Cybersecurity Affiliate Program you will be helping future cybersecurity professionals gain valuable experience in the field.

Frequently asked Questions

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Can a participant receive a college degree while in CAP? Since each participant will be coming into the program with a different educational background, an attribute of the program is that we plan to leverage our relationship with the various educational institutions to recommend avenues that will allow the apprentice to pursue a degree.