Expand your IT Skills and Defend our Country with a Career in Cybersecurity

IT workers that are seeking to be retrained represent a very talented pool of potential Cybersecurity professionals. The fact that you have been a successful knowledge/IT worker in the past gives you a better probability of success in the future.

Cyber Network Defense Course

Our region’s data shows that there are a significant number of displaced IT workers. In many cases their previous IT experience serves as a good baseline for cybersecurity jobs. Our Cyber Network Defense Course’s goal is to tap into this group and provide opportunity for the dislocated workers to build on the skills they already have. Dislocated workers often struggle because after years of good pay and solid benefits, employers are less willing to invest in training them in newer technologies. Even after the employee has the proper training, we see that employers are less likely to hire them when they see their salary history.

What complicates this struggle is that the employment community sees these individuals as highly trained people who should be able to find a job and less focus is placed on their situation.

Displaced IT Workers

We see these individuals as low hanging fruit, that have proven themselves to be successful in the past and that retraining should take less time and effort. By assisting displaced IT workers who have related work experience and related educational background multiple interests are served.

The benefits to the community of you can provide are enormous.