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Our Cyber Network Defense Course will give you a tremendous advantage in the highly competitive field of IT Security. Individuals interested in a Cybersecurity career have the opportunity to engage in technical training that leads to Comptia or Cisco related certifications and a career in Cybersecurity. This program provides hands on training, technical certifications, and real world scenarios on a controlled virtual network that can get you started quick.

Cyber Network Defense Course

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Our objective with the young adults is to get them on a career path leading to a job in any cybersecurity field. Our plan is to introduce them to the field by developing a series of Cyber Challenge games that provide an educational experience along with a competitive gaming experience. Multiple game types to include Attack, Defend, Attack-Defend, Forensics, and Penetration Testing.

Exercises are designed to provide tactical, hands-on game style training on a variety of software security topics. Students participate in a Capture the Flag virtual game where they are required to advance through various scenarios of ranging difficulty levels.

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